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Elevate Your Business: Strategic Solutions for Next-Level Success

Unlock Your Full Potential with Tailored Business Solutions for Revenue Growth, Operational Efficiency, and Innovation


Next Level Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services designed to tackle your most challenging business problems. From expanding your revenue base to launching innovative products and services, we are your partners in growth and efficiency. Our team of experts specializes in transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring your business thrives in today's competitive landscape.

Our Services

You Have A Vision

We have ways to get your there.  Please take advantage of our free initial consultation on how we can take your business to the Next Level.


What's Stopping You?

Identify and overcome business barriers
with our strategic insights.

Strategy Services

What’s your strategy to get to the Next Level? Let us help with these services.


  • Industry Research – Investigate market trends, statistics, and market share; product features and benefits comparison; competitor analysis; and segment opportunities

  • Business Assessment – Determine peer financial and operating performance benchmarks and key performance indicators and evaluate how you stack up

  • Contract Professionals – Call upon a team of talented experts on short term basis to ensure sufficient resources and staffing to implement your strategic plan

  • Employee Engagement – Prepare comprehensive job descriptions to select, train, and retain the right employee for desired results

Marketing Services

Don’t leave your sales to chance. Use one or more of these services to step up your advertising and promotions campaigns.

  • Customer Personas – Define the demographics, behaviors, preferences, and channel usage patterns of your target market to guide campaigns, operations, and app development

  • Website Development and Blogging – Design and build a custom website to expand your social media presence while streamlining daily operations

  • Media Planning – Select optimal communication channels and ad placement times to make the most of your marketing budget

  • Advertising and Promotion Campaigns – Create unique customer acquisition strategy including a unique value proposition and messaging, eye catching design, and cost effective collateral production

  • Launch Product or Service – Develop branding and go-to-market initiatives for to  introduce a new product or service and to expand into new territory

  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs – Identify operating issues and investigate the root cause so you can restructure your business to prevent future instances, retain more customers, and foster greater loyalty

Finance & Operating Services

We’ll partner with you to produce the documents you need for lenders and investors, plus the tools you need to manage daily operations, so you can focus on running your company.

  • Business Plans and Investment Memorandums – Document business description, market and product analysis, management experience, financial projections, and business or project valuation

  • Financial Planning, Analysis, and Reporting – Calculate budget forecasts, proforma versus actual comparisons, and dashboard snapshot tools to manage operations

  • Business Case Development – Prepare cost benefit analysis for proposed capital projects

  • Lender Selection and Application – Identify traditional, government guaranteed, and asset-based lenders to fund your capital needs and complete required documentation

  • Compliance Risk Management – Develop regulatory compliance procedures and implement appropriate monitoring and reporting to reduce risk

  • Management – Provide team training, project leadership, and meeting facilitation resources

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What Clients Say . . .

Cindy Davis is an outstanding consultant to assist in telling a business story. I have been privileged to use her intelligence and organizational abilities on several different occasions to compile presentations for potential investors in the Renewable Power Industry and the upstream Oil industry. She has an excellent command of financial information which has enabled her to produce financial projections combined with business intelligence. I would highly recommend her to any business, either established or startup, to comprehensively present the opportunity to potential investors or employees.

Bill Tiffany

Founder, Tiffany Consulting LLC

Why Choose Us?

For more than 30 years we’ve tapped a broad network of dynamic marketing, finance, operations, and technology leaders to craft simple solutions tailored to your needs.


Next Level understands the demands of doing business. We know how to avoid unnecessary layers, peripheral people, or stifling procedures that keep businesses from getting where they need to be.

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