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Plan Ahead

Whether you need a plan to raise capital or you want one as a strategic tool, Next Level Consulting efficiently guides you through the process of crafting a plan to fit your needs.

Developing an effective strategy starts with understanding your industry and how your business stacks up. We leverage the information discovered through our Industry Research and Business Assessment processes to recommend tactics to grow your business, improve profitability, and build value.

Assess Business

Get a 360 degree view of your company or proposed start up to inform your strategy and decision making.  A thorough review helps you uncover blind spots, anticipate and respond to issues, and confirm hunches.  Our work incorporates:

  • Customer Analysis – Identifies customer buying patterns and preferences

  • Product | Service Benefit – Evaluates product or service features, functions, and value proposition

  • Market Analysis – Defines market size, growth potential, and any significant trends

  • Competitor Analysis – Profiles competitors, business models, strengths, and weaknesses

Identify Opportunities

What’s up? To design a successful strategy you have to be aware of industry trends, know your competitors and be up to speed on industry best practices. If you haven’t done comprehensive, detailed market research in a while, we’ll give you an update. We will conduct market research to:

  • Identify current industry trends and best practices

  • Evaluate your competitors

  • Recommend target customer segments based on demographic and psychographic characteristics

Design Business Model

As a baseline to developing your go-to-market strategy we’ll evaluate your business model and conduct a SWOT [Strengths | Weaknesses | Opportunities | Threats] analysis that ties together:

  • Customer Relationships with your business channels, sales and customer service employees, and social media

  • Value Proposition spotlighting product/service features, functions, and benefits

  • Key Operating activities, partners, and resources

  • Income revenue streams, pricing, and cost structure

  • Competitive Environment, trends, and barriers to entry

  • Business Model Type for business to consumer or business to business direct sales, franchise, freemium, and subscription structure

Implement Plan

We don’t just write up a plan and throw it over the wall.  We’ll roll up our sleeves and help make the plan a reality.  Strategic Plan Implementation may include one or more of the following initiatives to expand market share and add revenue streams, including:

  • Launch a new product

  • Complete an acquisition

  • Build alliances or joint venture

  • Exit a business

  • Discontinue product or service

  • Deploy new technology

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