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Work Smart

Discover business and finance solutions that are specifically designed to take your business to the next level.

Whether you need a plan to raise capital or want a strategic tool, we’ll craft a plan to fit your needs.  Looking for capital to implement your plan? We help you find a lender or investor, prepare a document package, and navigate the process. With capital in place, successful managers continuously evaluate how efficient and effective they are in delivering goods and services.  We’ll give you that business insight.

Conduct Financial Planning

Identifies the best combination of financing sources – supplier, lender, and investor – given your business’ cash flow, capital, and collateral.  Once these determinations are made, we will work with to adjust your policies, procedures, and processes to ensure you are as efficient and effective as possible.

  • Business Plan – Describes the strategies and tactics used to achieve the desired results

  • Financial Projections – Details the financial impact of operating changes on the proposed capital structure

  • Profitability – Compares financial performance to peers and identifies cost cuts

  • Reporting – Tracks key financial and operating performance indicators to ensure you’re efficiently and effectively build business value

Optimize Operations

Our Operations Management practice focuses on continuous improvement of the processes used to convert inputs – supplies, materials, employees, etc. – into the products and services your customers demand. Efficiency is achieved by using only what is required of a given resource. How well a product or service meets the customers’ needs determines the effectiveness of the business strategy.  Here are some of the tools we use to take you to the next level in operational efficiency.

Manage Cash Flow

Calculates the optimal cash balance, which allows your business to finance daily operating expenses and provides minimal liquidity to meet lender and investment requirements for growth capital

  • Cash Flow and Capital – Reviews financial and operating processes and procedures to maximize working capital. Defines optimal mix of debt and equity.

  • Inventory Management – Determines the level of inventory required for uninterrupted production and product | service delivery while minimizing your reordering and holding costs

  • Debtor Management – Designs the appropriate credit policy or credit terms that will encourage your customers to make a purchase, and ensure that the extended payment terms, discounts, and allowances fairly compensate you and increase revenue

Monitor Performance

What is the benefit and how are we doing? A successful business strategy requires actionable insight, financial discipline, monitoring and reporting to track your progression to delivering consistently remarkable customer experiences. We will build you a roadmap with predetermined guideposts so you can chart your course with:

  • Business case analysis of the hard and soft cost and benefits

  • Establish timeline and milestones

  • Set key performance indicators and operating metrics

  • Evaluate actual performance against business case projections

  • Develop and distribute management reports and analysis of results

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