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Let's Get Their Attention

A comprehensive marketing and promotions campaign that aligns to your business objectives can take your business to the Next Level.

Take stock of your products, services, and the competition to craft a go-to-market strategy to build awareness, urge consideration, drive purchases, propel referrals, and grow your sales pipeline.

Brand, Advertise, and Promote Your Business

A well-conceived, consistent brand presentation is important to make a good first impression, educate prospects on the value you offer, and distinguish your business from competitors.  More importantly, it’s the personality that attracts your target audience and gets them to pay attention to your message, and make a purchase.  We’ll help you make SMART [Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Results | Time Bound] marketing objectives that are aligned to your business goals at every touch point covering:

  • Communications – Synchronize brand promise, emotional and rational brand benefits, and brand pillars to build target market awareness, consideration, call to action, and referrals

  • Branding and Style Guide – Brainstorm product/service naming, tagline, logo design, color pallet, and style guidelines for uniform presentation

  • Collateral Design, Budget, and Production – print, radio, television, email, social media, demonstrations, infographics, case studies, white papers, sales packages, and website

  • Customer Acquisition Activities – public relations, promotions, contests, quizzes, public speaking, community involvement, special events, tradeshows, database marketing, and media placement

Develop Customer Insight

What is critical to the customer and why? Customers don’t always know what they want or they may not be able to clearly articulate their needs. To serve them well, you need to understand their spoken and unspoken wants and needs. We use several tools – surveys, focus groups and journey maps – combined with multi-channel integration of existing customer data and feedback to deepen your customer understanding of:

  • Who they are by segment

  • What they want and need

  • Where and when they want to conduct business with you

  • How they perceive their interactions with each company channel

  • Areas for improvement

  • Product and service expansion opportunities

Conduct Customer Surveys

Do you know what customers really want? They give you feedback in many ways – in person, contact center, e-mail, chat, social media, and snail mail. A well-crafted customer survey given at set intervals provides valuable key performance indicators for how well you are satisfying customer needs. We will work with you to:

  • Review the effectiveness, efficiency, reach and response rates for your current survey.

  • Design a new or updated customer-focused survey

  • Implement a survey strategy

  • Complete quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results

  • Build dashboard and ad hoc reports

Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences

Customer Experience = Sum of all interactions a customer has with your company across all channels, over the life of their relationship with you.

It’s how customers perceive their interactions. Most importantly, it is the single greatest predictor of whether customers will return – or defect to a competitor.

Customers expect seamless cross channel integration to initiate transaction in one channel (branch, store, online, and phone) and complete it in another without having to repeat themselves. Tomorrow's winners will be those who find ways to give customers personal touch points the most efficiently. Here are just some of the ways we can help you improve the customer experience.

Diagnose Pain Points

Where does it hurt? By analyzing existing call center data, customer survey results, reviewing social media commentary and talking with employees, we can learn a great deal about areas for improvement. Our team will:

  • Identify recurring problems and customer issues

  • Prioritize issues by size, frequency and severity

  • Conduct a root cause analysis to determine how existing employee, processes and technology hurdles are contributing to the issue

  • Recommend an action plan to resolve the issue and prevent future occurrences

Repair Problems

How are we going to fix the problems? Bringing about change can be difficult and time consuming. Our experienced change management professionals can help you streamline the process and minimize the pain. We’ll help you:

  • Anticipate potential operational problems and possible customer impact

  • Formulate a project plan for process improvement and technology integration

  • Design a communication strategy for management and employee to ensure buy-in at each phase

  • Monitor progress and recommend course correction when appropriate and required

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